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These guys are scammers.They advertise their products on Ebay classifieds, so they don't have to comply with Ebay's selling rules.

Their communication is TERRIBLE and they do not ship specified products as promised. They will go as far as negotiating a price and delivery time, but when the time comes, they are nowhere to be found. If you plan to deal with these guys, I recommend you use Paypal and get everything in writing via email BEFORE sending any money.

At least you can get your cash back if you buy with sites like Paypal.Good luck!

Review about: Hot Dog Cart.



I just almost got Scammed by this rude guy!He found out I was in Hawaii & hung up (shipping) & when I kept calling; he never returned my calls.

I AM SOOOO LUCKY! He would have scammed me too!

Theres got to be something someone can do about this guy!HOPE HE GETS WHATS COMING TO HIM!!!!!


contact us at


My husband and I were scammed too.Never recieved our cart.Were told by the police officer in Hollywood Fl. that we needed to find other people that were scammed that never recieved their cart. He said there is a fine line between scamming someone and just bad business.If anyone out there would like to contact us over this Please do.I would like to see the SOB in jail.I know we will never see our money but it would be nice to put him in his place.


I was ripped off by this guy, Nick Small or Barry.Its the same guy.

He took my money and the hot dog cart was not fictional.

This guy also owns an insurance company called "Titan Insurance" the name he gave me for the hot dog cart was also titan This guy is a crook but I'm too far away to do anything about it.Buy beware.


Don't trust them! I ordered in 2008 and never got my cart. They were using the name of Sunshine Fabricators at the time. Checkout all the complaints about Sunshine Fabricators, Hollywood, Fl.

Paypal will not guarantee you get your money back. I paid with Paypal. Paypal ruled in my favor but could never collect the refund. They only collected $35 for me.

Stay away is my advice. I filed complaints with the Hollywood Police Department and Florida Attorney General but no action yet.


Plus he was 6 weeks late on delivery and had more excuses than a jailhouse stool pidgeon.


I bought from this guy and it was difficult at best.The price was low and I guess you get what you pay for but it was almost impossible to get in touch with him after he gets his money.

Plus he still owes me two steam trays he promised he would get to me.they are like $20 each so I had to buy them.


did you ever recieve merchandise?


yeah they are a rip off!! Dont trust Nick Small!!! HIs time will come!!




These guys are bad news!

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